To all friends of the Royal Oak, Gorley

I’m sure you realise that our pub has been operating in a very different way in the last 3 months. With your support, we’ve kept open with a different offering, food, drink and essential groceries. Thank you so much for the way you have supported Will, Sebastian, Shelia, Lorraine, Julie and Sue. They have worked so hard to keep our pub open at a very difficult time.

You will probably be aware that the Government is allowing the opening of pubs on the 4 July.  There is still quite a few area’s which need clarification so we will be delaying our opening until the 14 July.  Between now and then things may change slightly but broadly here is how we will be changing.

The Future

All entry to the pub will be by reservation only.
Table service for food and drinks with no standing at the bar or anywhere else at the pub.
There will be a health check on entry and you will be asked to submit your contact details.
You must sanitize your hands on entry and when using the toilets.
Tables cannot be moved, there will be a maximum of 6 people for table bookings inside or 6 people outside.
To keep you safe we will be operating the 1mt plus rule inside the pub and 2m out in the gardens.
A risk assessment document is available to customers and staff.
The tables are spaced out to achieve separation with a 15-minute gap between usage for extra cleaning.
There is a one-way system for entry/exit and for the toilets.
All these changes are designed to minimize customer and staff interaction and to help in preventing infection transmission.
In many ways, they may sound onerous but they are extremely important, our aim is that you and our staff our firstly safe but have an enjoyable experience.

Less is More

One thing though that is practically certain is the Royal Oak will be totally cashless. We will of course though, take the majority of credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay. The reason for this is to enhance your safety and that of our staff by not handling coins or notes.

I hope this important change will create the minimum inconvenience and that you may even prefer it.

Thank you again for your very valued support and good wishes.
We look forward to confirming your reservation


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